Our Story

 Aham Prem Jewelry blossomed from a grateful  heart willing to serve, create, spread love, and support other creatures.
Founder Gergana Stanilova came to Yoga in 2011 in search of understanding more about purpose of life, creation and the Supreme energy- Lord of this vast and infinite universe.  As she delved deeper into yoga practice, breathing, meditation and seva (selfless service), in 2016 she traveled to India in order to complete her dreamed 200H Yoga Teacher Trainee at The Art of Living Bangalore Ashram.
There she first went through an ancient ritual Upanayanam, being initiated  in  Gayatri Mantra. That is when she first came across these magical strings of sacred tree seeds and gemstones known as Japa Mala or Mala Beads. Then was one of those moments a time in her life when things clicked and ever since started to envision herself learning to knot and create all type of Mala Beads. From a very basic and simple looking to a very luxury piece of art Malas.
A new entrepreneur, leaving gradually her previous work in renewable energy field,
Gergana taught herself how to handcraft Malas, a process that turned into another type of nourishing soul meditation, source of inspiration, and exploration of her  imagination in combining  gemstone and their properties.
Aham Prem Jewelry started as a simple online shop through which Gergana could share her craft and her passion, but it was clear from the beginning that Aham Prem Jewelry was destined to reach further than Gergana could have ever dreamed. The small Etsy venture, which launched in Winter 2016, has been growing ever since. Aham Prem Jewelry now ships Mala Beads, bracelets, and stacks to yogis and gem lovers from around the world. The company continues to flourish as new designs are released, lifestyle stories and ideas are shared, and more fellows join Aham Prem Jewelry in its mission to spread light, love, peace and awareness to the world.
 About The Founder

Gergana is a people-loving Bhakti Yogi, who lives for self-realization, mantra chanting, kirtan singing, service and sharing love with like-minded beings. She hails from Plovdiv, Bulgaria and spends pretty much time on building, discussing, exploring, and delighting in Aham Prem Jewelry. Her work is her joy, but when she isn’t growing Aham Prem Jewelry, she’s running ultramarathons, swimming in the sea, cooking healthy vegetarian food, and improving her Yoga practice.